What impact does dark mode have on email deliverability, and how can it be accommodated?

Dark mode is a display option available in many email clients, operating systems, and apps that presents content with a dark background and light text. While dark mode can enhance the readability and user experience for some individuals, it doesn’t significantly impact email deliverability on its own. However, there are considerations and best practices to ensure your emails appear well in dark mode and remain effective in reaching recipients’ inboxes:

  1. Use Responsive Email Design:
    • Dark mode can affect the appearance of your emails, especially if you use background images or colors. Ensure your emails are designed responsively, so they adapt to different display preferences, including dark mode.
  2. High Contrast Content:
    • Ensure that your email content has a high contrast between text and background colors. In dark mode, light text on a dark background or vice versa is crucial for readability.
  3. Test Your Emails:
    • Test your emails in both light and dark mode across various email clients and devices to ensure they look good and are easy to read in all settings.
  4. Avoid Background Images and Colors:
    • Dark mode can sometimes cause issues with background images or colors, making your email difficult to read. Consider using solid backgrounds or patterns that work well in both light and dark modes.
  5. Use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG):
    • SVGs are vector graphics that scale well and maintain their appearance in different display modes. Consider using SVGs for logos, icons, and other graphical elements in your emails.
  6. Optimize Images:
    • Optimize images for dark mode. Images with high contrast or overly bright colors might not display well. Ensure that images are appropriately balanced for both light and dark backgrounds.
  7. Use Standard Fonts:
    • Stick to standard web-safe fonts that are easily readable in different modes. Avoid custom fonts that may not render properly or be legible in dark mode.
  8. Avoid White Text on Dark Backgrounds:
    • Some email clients may invert white text to black on a dark background in dark mode, which can affect your email’s appearance. If you want to use dark backgrounds, consider using dark text.
  9. Consider Text Shadows or Outlines:
    • To improve text readability in dark mode, you can add subtle text shadows or outlines to create a visual separation between the text and background.
  10. Test User Experience:
    • Ask a sample group of subscribers for feedback on your emails in both light and dark modes to ensure they are satisfied with the readability and appearance.

While dark mode itself doesn’t have a significant impact on email deliverability, ensuring that your emails are well-optimized for dark mode can enhance the overall user experience and engagement. It’s essential to test and adapt your email designs to cater to the preferences of your subscribers, whether they use light or dark mode, and ensure that your emails consistently deliver the intended message effectively.